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I remember that Matthieu and Stefano visited me for the first time, when Machineryscanner was still a start-up. They were both very motivated and very persuasive. We stepped along in their story and the results were good, even though we don’t use their full services (rating system).
Their team expanded and Machineryscanner grew and made some great partnerships with other complementary partners like f.e. MMT – which is great for us, because we love to advertise on advertising platforms for trucks. (Next to the business side, it’s always very pleasant to have contact with Matthieu – as a business man and as a person, he’s a great guy.)
Jeroen Bossuyt
Braem NV
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Julian Duprat
Ets Aviano Duscio
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Simple, efficient and transparent site, in a word the "TripAdvisor" of Heavy Equipment.

Promising outlook for heavy equipment suppliers. The complete package MachineryScanner offers is unique in the world of heavy equipment. From a vertical search engine to a review tool specifically designed for equipment suppliers, we believe that the platform has a lot of potential for the future. We look forward to future developments of the company.

Lewis Wiggins
Smitma BV
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