Review system

Word of mouth is the best advertising!

MachineryScanner is the only third-party review system dedicated to your industry. Our main goal is to help you take control of your company’s image and online reputation. All reviews on our system are verified before being published online, you can display them on social media, on listing portals, and on your website.

How the review system works?


Invitation Process

Send invitations to your best customers.


A new review!

Your customer leaves a review on your business.



The comment is internally verified.



Your customer's satisfaction is displayed online.

How does the invitation process work?

All reviews are checked from our Review Management Team before going live on the website.

Company sends invitations.

Your customers put reviews without creating accounts.

Reviews go to the Review Management team for verification.

Once verified, reviews are published or disapproved.

You (the company) receive a notification email.

Sharing tools - Widget system

You can take your customers' satisfaction with you!

Integrate your reviews directly into your website.

Customers reviews can be displayed through a widget, along with your overall MachineryScanner score and aggregate star rating.

Your company was founded XX years ago and provides quality services since. It is time to be rewarded for it and to make the best out of your customers' satisfaction.

What is our focus?

Heavy machinery

Trucks & trailers

Farm equipment

Handling and lifting


Spare Parts